Speaking of the Beast

In this case I mean the other Beast, Mr. Bill. Apparently he has infiltrated the OLPC project and convinced the freetards to make their XO machine a dual-boot Linux-Windows device. See here. Says Negroponte: “We’re working very hard to do both.”

In this they are probably just caving to customer demands. No doubt some of the countries that are balking on XO told Saint Nicholas that they might actually consider his machine — if it ran Windows. Because much as the freetards might hate to admit it, real customers (even those in Third World countries) want to have Windows because that’s what everybody else has. (Except the truly blessed who run OS X, but let’s face it — we’re not made for the masses.)

Problem is, Negroponte’s right-hand man, Walter Bender, supposedly recently said he would quit if the machine shipped with Windows. So the drama unfolds.

By the way I did actually meet personally with Negroponte back when this whole project was starting out. We were offering to help and offering to make a version of OS X for his box. I told him how education is one of my big interests and I shared some ideas I had about how kids learn. You know what he said? “I’ve spent my entire career in academia. I’m not here to get ideas on education from a dropout.”

(FSJ FICTION ALERT: This last paragraph is made up. Please don’t write letters to Negroponte or Dear Leader about this.)