Some analyst says we’re exposed

See this story in Forbes. Some dude on Wall Street says, “We believe Apple is disproportionately exposed to a potential slowdown in U.S. consumer spending.” And they say iPod sales aren’t growing much anymore. Please. If anything, a downturn in the economy will help us. People will be so miserable when they lose their jobs and lose their houses that they’ll need something to cheer them up. More than ever, they’ll need products to restore a sense of childlike wonder to their empty, meaningless lives. Plus the morons who run the government are already talking about one of those “economic stimulus” packages which basically means, “We’re going to give everybody some pocket money.” Guess what the frigtards always buy first when they get some crazy money from the government? Little hint: It ain’t food. Or clothing. Give up? It’s crystal meth. But right after that, it’s electronics. I think we’re really well positioned.