Snipers in position above Moscone Center

Moshe’s teams are moving into position in the buildings around Moscone. Katie and I took a chopper ride this morning to inspect the outposts and gun placements. Naturally I had some suggestions for how things could be done better — I didn’t like the lack of symmetry in the way the snipers were arranged. Moshe gave me some lame excuse about how they were limited by the layout of the buildings in the area and they don’t have eight identical buildings in perfect symmetry around Moscone. We’re bringing up a construction crew from Cupertino to build some extension ramps on local rooftops so we can get a perfect eight-point circumference. Otherwise things are fine except the SmartWater in Katie’s cooler backpack was at least three degrees colder than it’s supposed to be and I had to glare at her in silence for about thirty minutes as punishment. Great thing about Katie is she’s been with me for a long time and really understands me and she knows when she’s done something wrong and deserves to get yelled at or glared at. She knows it’s her fault. And she knows that this is Macworld and everything needs to be perfect. Well, namaste, Apple faithful. I honor the place where your admission fees and my greatness become one. Already the city of love is filling up with aging overweight graybearded hippies. They’re hanging out in the bar at the W sipping sophisticated beverages and acting like they’re the coolest people in the entire world. Which, let’s face it, they are. I love it.