Scoble banished from Facebook. We’re trying to see if we can banish him from Apple too.

If you haven’t heard already, Robert “King of All Bloggers” Scoble has been tossed out of Facebook because he violated their terms of use. Scoobie used a script to try to pull his friends list off Facebook, which is something they don’t allow, because they’re, um, all about transparency and openness and freedom, dude. Or something. Anyhoo, Scoobie knew the rules but he broke them anyway. Now he’s begging Facebook to let him back in. According to Valleywag (see here) a bunch of people have joined a Facebook group calling for Scoble to be reinstated. (To see this group — or God forbid, join it — go here.) Problem for Robert as I see it is that Microsoft is now partnered with Zuckerborg, and those dudes in Redmond friggin hate Scoble. I’m not kidding.

What I’m wondering is whether anyone will counter the pro-Scoble group by starting a “Keep Robert Scoble off Facebook” group. And if not, why not? Someone create this thing and we’ll drive as many people as possible to it.

Meanwhile we’re trying to figure out if we can banish Scoble from using Apple products or visiting Apple retail stores. From what I’m told others have picked up on the same idea. Google wants him off their apps. Twitter says he’s eating up too much bandwidth. Here’s a thought. Why not banish Robert Scoble from the Internet altogether? Is that even possible? Moshe says he’s looking into it.