Scoble and Bono: BFF in Davos

Here’s video from Davos showing my dear ex-friend Bono gasbagging as usual while Robert Scoble gazes on in awe and points some kind of cell phone at him. One question: How the hell did Scoble get to Davos? Who sent him there? Second question: Is it not amazing that these two modest, humble, self-effacing fellows have finally found each other? Had to happen, didn’t it.

Meanwhile, check out this nauseating photo and story about Bono teaming up with Microsoft and Dell on this (RED) initiative. Lots of folks have been writing in to me about this. See, here’s the thing. Bono doesn’t like me anymore. Started during the options backdating thing, when I threw our former CFO, Fred Anderson, under a bus. Fred and Bono are pals; they’re also business partners. So Bono got all huffy and said I was a dick for screwing over Fred. I was like, Dude, it’s not personal, it’s business. Fred’s a big kid. He knows the drill. It’s his turn to take one for the team. Well, Bono is kind of a n00b when it comes to business. He thinks running a company is like being in a band or something. He starts going on about how the record label bugged U2 for years to get rid of their drummer, Larry, because, truth be told, he’s not that good a drummer, plus he’s kind of unattractive. But Bono said no, we’re keeping Larry. And he thinks this makes him some kind of hero. I was like Dude, you’re talking about some drummer in a rock band. I’m talking about billions of dollars in market cap. Bit of a difference here.

Oh well. Bono doesn’t get it. So now he’s pals with the Beastmaster. Fine. Let them be friends. See if I care. Sniff.