OLPC freetards can’t handle logistics

Apparently the big brains running OLPC can’t manage to ship the machines on time and now people like the editor of PC World are bitching because their precious XO machines still haven’t arrived a mere three months after they placed their orders. Which means, of course, that the people complaining are racists. And they hate kids. And they hate freedom. And they’re probably getting paid by Intel and Microsoft.

Because, in the mindset of the freetard, the problem with these delayed shipments isn’t OLPC. In fact, OLPC’s super-smart MIT logistics and supply chain experts have totally reinvented the entire concept of how a supply chain and distribution network operates. It’s another one of the huge advances that this OLPC project represents.

The problem is just that Western customers are accustomed to doing things in a certain way and they have a set of built-in biases which lead them to believe that getting a product very quickly after you’ve ordered it is a sign of competence. In fact that “quick order” is a sign of wastefulness because it means the manufacturer has stocked product in warehouses and invested lots of unnecessary effort in things like tracking software and shipping labels and transportation by sea, air and land. OLPC has eliminated almost all of those unnecessary steps.

Negroponte and his team have offered to share their new distribution model with Intel and others but naturally the commercial computer vendors believe they know best. Typical.