Meet the guy who’s in for the biggest disappointment of 2008

His name is Dennis O’Reilly and he says here on CNET that he’s had it with Windows and this year he’s going to dump Microsoft and switch to Ubuntu Linux because it “has a reputation for being complete, well supported, and easy to use.” But then he admits that he’s made this momentous decision purely based on articles he’s read and some stuff on Wikipedia. Money quote: “I know the OS only by reputation, however.”

Um, yeah. Well I’m sure Linux will be just as easy to use as all those articles say. What could possibly go wrong?

Question: Have you ever used one of those online dating services, like, where you meet people based on that one really good-looking photo? Do they ever actually look like that photo? Right. Well good luck with your desktop migration, Dennis O’Reilly. Let us know how that works out, you friggin n00b. My guess is the freetardation will wear off and we’ll be seeing you at an Apple store shopping for an iMac by about, oh, I don’t know. March? We’ll be waiting for you.