Macworld party report

You know it’s Macworld week when the usual batch of San Francisco posers abandon the nightclubs in SOMA and are replaced by people like the two cyborg lifecasters in the photo above. These two dudes above were at a Gizmodo party. They’d never met so we introduced them and got them to pose for a picture together. They both spend their entire lives walking around with cameras clipped to their heads streaming live feeds so they can share their empty meaningless lives with the entire world. By the way, the red eye on the tall guy is not a camera effect — that’s really what his eye looks like. Otherwise they’re both very, very good replicants, barely distinguishable from actual humans. Red eye dude told us he has not slept since Saturday and plans to stay awake through the entire conference, streaming video of every fucking second to his Web site. Says he stays awake using caffeine tablets. No side effects, he says, except “they kind of make me twitchy.”

Undaunted by its shameful performance at CES, disgraced gadget blog Gizmodo hosted a party at Harlot, a club on Minna. Here’s Brian Lam of Gizmodo. I believe he’s saying, “Guilty as charged, Your Honor.”

Owen Thomas of Valeywag (right, with scarf inexplicably wrapped around neck) attended the Gizmodo party and spent the whole night bugging Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek (left, scarfless) for a job.

Some company called Coghead tried to coast on our wind by announcing version 2.0 of their product last night and having a party at a Mexican restaurant near the Moscone Center. This is two of their execs wishing they worked at Apple. Sorry, dudes. Not cool enough. But keep trying.

Nick Denton look-alike and supreme blogger Pete Cashmore of Mashable (left in photo below) crashed the Coghead party and graciously complained about the quality of the Mexican food. By the way, Pete is from Scotland. Ahem. Maybe you are wondering, as we were, just what the fuck is Mashable? Mashable, Pete informed us indignantly, is “the eighth-largest blog in the world, man. We’re bigger than GigaOm.” Sorry dude. Our bad.