MacHeads the Movie

Check out the trailer for this new movie here. You’ll recognize the usual cast of characters: Shawn King (Your Mac Life), Leander Kahney (Cult of Mac), Andy Ihnatko (Not Fake Steve), Guy Kawasaki (shown above, meeting with all his direct reports), and some freaky lady who lives in a bus (second photo) and who I think might be Esther Dyson but I’m not sure. I know what you’re thinking and yes they begged me to be in this movie, but I gave them my usual answer: A hundred grand per minute, or siooma, kids. They chose siooma. Hard to tell from the trailer but the gist of the movie seems to be that Apple has changed and become all evil and corporate, even though the “community” are still these wonderful peace-loving hippies. My fave line comes right at the end when some guy says, “Apple? They could care less.” Actually, what you meant to say, Mr. Nitwit, is that Apple couldn’t care less. And it’s true. We could not. I mean it would be physically impossible for us to care any less about these freaks than we do now. Don’t believe me? Ask Woz how long it’s been since I called him.