Ja’red is on the mend

Sincere thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about Ja’red. He’s up at the Green Gulch Zen Center and doing fine. Nothing like a few days of fasting and meditation to set things right. I visited him this morning and he made me promise to never send him off the Apple campus ever again. He says working at Apple is like living in a monastery and after all these months he now has become used to the calm, the quiet, the Zen balance. He says he’s just not able to cope with the rest of the world. Even malls make him break out in hives. I told him I understand because I suffer the same thing, and I promised him no more assignments away from Cupertino. Then I showed him Product X. Only 15 people at Apple have seen it. He gazed at it for a long time. Then his eyes welled up and he was overwhelmed and he couldn’t talk. It was like that thing that happens to people in museums when they see great art. I forget the name of the condition. Stengel syndrome or something. Anyway, Product X really cheered Ja’red up and he’ll be back in the mothership this week. Peace out.