I’m very proud of our diversity at Apple

And I’m also really proud of the fact that we’re not the kind of company that just makes empty-gesture type appointments in order to create the illusion of being more diverse. Why just this week we announced the addition of an Asian woman to our board of directors, bringing our total number of non-white-male directors to one. And it’s no big deal. I mean it’s just something we did and we’re not saying it’s anything special or unique and we’re not out looking for praise for being so diverse. So much for the glass ceiling at Apple right? Anyhoo, Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon, is uniquely qualified to guide a consumer electronics and digital media company. And yeah, I know she maybe kinda looks like a dude. But trust me, we’ve had her checked. She’s all woman. And all Asian. Jerry York says that’s called a twofer.