I’m told there is some kind of large sporting event taking place this weekend

I was just down in Caffe Mac eating some sushi with my own special wasabi that is only available to me and not served to anyone else in the entire company — I just love eating it in public and reminding the proles how special I am — and I noticed that many of the proles seemed to be talking about some big sporting competition that will happen in the next few days. Football, apparently. I don’t much care for the game — I’m more into European sports like cycling and cross-country skiing, and I still think it’s outrageous that we don’t have tai chi on television in this country the way they do in every country in Asia — but after lunch I was talking to Phil Schiller and he says this big battle of steroid-fueled mutants will draw a huge audience and it represents an enormous advertising opportunity and a chance to get our message to millions of moronic imbeciles who will very likely be drunk and easily persuaded into buying our products.

I don’t know. I love the idea of having lots of stupid people gathered in one place at the same time, but didn’t we just do that? I mean when was Macworld? A couple weeks ago? Plus I really don’t see the average yahoo being all exicted by the beauty of MacBook Air. I’m taking wait-and-see on it at this point.