I’m going to try live-blogging during the keynote

Have you ever sat there during a keynote and wondered what Dear Leader was really thinking even as he was restoring a sense of childlike wonder to your life? Well, I’m going to try to help you find out, by blogging here on this blog even as I’m doing the keynote. Impossible, you say? That’s what my events people said too. I told them it’s our job to make the impossible possible, and if they couldn’t make this happen they were all out of jobs. Well, we got it done. Involves a tiny brain-sensor placed just behind my ear — you can’t even notice it. It looks just like the one all our PR people wear, the one we use to tell them what to say, over and over and over again. Only in my case the signals will be traveling out instead of in. A receiver off-stage will pick up the signals and convert them to spoken words which Ja’Red will hear in a pair of headphones. Then he’ll type them up into blog posts. We’ve been testing it out during rehearsals and I’ll admit, it’s not perfect. But I’m confident we can get it going by Tuesday. For the folks at home, it’ll be a way of finding out what’s being announced. For the folks in the audience with EVDO cards, it’ll be, well, a kind of performance art. Hope you’ll tune in.