I forgot to mention Ron Paul

Just realized I forgot to mention Ron Paul in my previous item. I find him intriguing. Mostly because he was the only one who didn’t come knocking on my door hoping to meet me. In fact we had to reach out to him. Even then he said he didn’t really know who I was and he was kind of busy and he didn’t think he could fit me in and what would be the point of this visit?

So in the end I had to go to him. He was down in Los Angeles for part of a day so I flew there and had breakfast with him. He’s pro-drugs. Great. Wants us out of Iraq. Great. Wants to reduce the size of government and wipe out taxes. Fantastic.

Only sticking points for me are the fact that he’s a Republican and the fact that he’s got this pro-life stance. I’m like Dude, is there any chance you could switch over and be a third-party candidate because I can’t vote for a Republican. And dude, on this pro-life thing, you gotta lets the ladies control their lady parts, ya know what I’m saying? But he says it’s a matter of principle.

So that’s it. I’m stumped. There’s nobody I can vote for. But I must say, I really liked Ron Paul. Maybe it’s just because I know he can’t win. I always go for the ones like that — Nader, Jerry Brown. Oh well. I’ve heard there’s lots of grassroots support for Ron Paul, so maybe he does have a chance. Anyone heard anything? And if so, could we somehow get him to drop this crazy pro-life position?