How could this amazing device be improved?

Not that we really give a shit what you want — you’ll take what we give you, and you’ll like it — but I’m sitting here with Jony and we’ve had a few drinks and he’s like, Dude, put out a poll about iPhone, just for giggles and to torment the poor idiots into thinking they might actually get some of this stuff.

So fine. It’s up there in the right hand column. I realize there are probably other things you’d like iPhone to do, and feel free to use the comments here to propose those and discuss. We really do value your feedback. Honestly. We do. Well, not really. But tell us anyway. It’s Friday, and we just had a beer blast, and now we’re bored. But please no more suggestions like, “Gives me blowjob then turns into pizza and six-pack of beer,” okay? Seriously. Somebody put that one up on the multi-touch wall in our lobby the other day and then the HR department got called in because it was a violation of the Apple sexual harassment policy and we ended up firing the guy.

Well, I’m off to another Macworld rehearsal, and then back to my float tank for eight hours of non-thinking.