Help me decide something

So as you know Apple’s campus is generally a peaceable kingdom where all subjects live in harmony with one another and respect each other’s differences and nobody makes fun of the dude in engineering who dresses like a man from the waist up and a woman from the waist down — skirts, nylons, pumps. I’m not kidding.

But lately our happy campus has been riven over a very huge issue. Should we or should we not release our tablet computer and our flash-based laptop at Macworld? Both of these babies are ready to go. But now some people at Apple feel we should hold them back. The reason is they don’t believe these products will be huge best-sellers and we already have Apple TV which is non-selling like hotcakes and how many “hobbies” can one company have before they start to seem, well, a little flakey?

We’ve had terrible arguments about this right here in King Steven’s court. Phil and Jonny almost came to blows again. Bertrand says one thing, Ron Johnson says another.

I happened to run into My Little Pony this morning — he’s here begging us to buy Sun — and I mentioned this dilemma and he says, “You’ve got a blog right? So why don’t you take a survey on your blog? That’s how we make all our big decisions at Sun.”

So I’m throwing it out there. Should we do the flash-based laptop? What about the tablet? Please let’s not just have yes or no answers. We’d like to really hear your thoughts on this.

Now I have to get back to rehearsals. We’re doing three a day from now till the show starts and honestly we’re so far behind I don’t know how we’re going to pull everything together.