Earnings: Nothing to worry about, folks

Look. We blew out our numbers for the quarter. We earned $1.76 per share and the goons on the street were only expecting $1.62. And yes, we guided conservatively for next quarter. We’re trying to be prudent. Spring is a rough quarter. Everybody’s catching their breath after the holidays. We’ll probably blow out our numbers but we still figured why not lower everyone’s expectations? Can’t hurt. Well, the stock is getting killed. Which I guess would bother me if I were the kind of CEO who manages the stock price instead of the company. Or who knows or cares what the stock price actually is on any given day. But I don’t. I never look. I just come in and do my yoga and drink a smoothie and then do what I think is right for the company. I make the products that I want to buy for myself. My management style is based on the Beatles. No lie. Do you think they ever cared about their stock price? No. They just wrote the best songs they could. That’s what I do. Only it’s not songs, it’s products. But you get the idea. The rest can just sort itself out.