Dems shocked — shocked! — to discover Bill Clinton is a bastard.

As you know, I’ve never liked the Clintstones. And as a committed lifelong super liberal I was stunned and saddened by the way the Democratic party establishment circled the wagons and people like Sidney Blumenthal, Lanny Davis, James Carville and Paul Begala (photo above) bent themselves into pretzels to defend Bill during the Lewinsky thing and swallowed his lies and looked the other way when he and Hellary smeared Monica Lewinsky and all the other women Bill had abused over the years.

But is it not kind of hilarious to see the Democratics huffing and puffing about Bill now that he’s going after one of their own? Like the radio talk show host who’s fuming because he says Bill Clinton a liar and an embarrassment. Or check out this story where John Kerry says Bill does not have a right to “abuse the truth” which is Kerry’s way of calling Bill a liar except poor old Kerry is such a pussy that he’s just physically incapable of ever saying anything that directly. (Which is why the Clintons just laugh at him right to his face.) Then there’s today’s gem from Bob Herbert in the Times where he says the Clintons are engaging in “slimy maneuvers” and “lowlife tactics.” Who knew? Slimy lowlife politics from the Clintons? Shocking! Herbert, to his credit, was blasting the Clintons back in 1998.

But still. Come on. Folks, are you just now realizing who the Clintons are and what they’re all about? If so, well, better late than never. And God bless Obama for finally making this all clear for the frigtards. Sadly, the truth may still not do any good. Even worse, wait and see what happens if Hellary gets the nomination. You think Kerry will stand up to her then? Nope. He’ll fall right in line behind her. They all will. Which is exactly what the Clintons are counting on.