Sorry about the confusion

Bit of a mess here on the blog this morning. Johnny has been trying to blog from his iPhone and says it keeps fucking up on him. Hence the blank post. I just called him to chew him out and explained to him that the problem could not be with iPhone and must be with him. He says it’s the slow EDGE networking stuff. I reminded him that our EDGE networking is not slow; in fact it is the fastest networking available on any smart phone, and we’re really excited about the performance of iPhone.

Meanwhile some updates from Johnny.

1. Internet connection in the press room has gone down. No wifi, no wired connections. Nada. Zilch. Hacks pissed off. Very impressive performance from the folks running a high-tech trade show.

2. Motorola held a roundtable about the future of video and mobile telephony and set-top boxes or something. The future, anyway. Johnny attended and says the food sucked, and there was no alcohol, and it was a panel of extremely old guys in suits talking about the convergence of TV and computers and the Internet. Says just looking at these guys you can realize why Motorola is so fucked. And why just replacing Zander isn’t going to be enough.

3. Supposedly Dvorak was spotted on sidewalk outside north hall receiving CPR. We’re not sure if this one is true. Johnny says the guy looked like Dvorak but that might just have been wishful thinking. And Johnny is operating in a somewhat altered state.

FWIW, some folks have written in complaining about Johnny’s drug use. Not much I can tell you except that drugs have really helped a lot of people expand their consciousness, and Johnny is one of the most expanded minds at Apple.