Beastmaster gets all passive-aggressive on my ass

Check out his Engadget interview here where he does the classic trick of pretending to be saying nice things about me but if you really listen he’s actually taking the piss out of me. Money quotes:

“I am very sincere that Steve has unique skills that I just don’t have at all and it’s been phenomenal to see how he has been able to make a difference with what he’s done.”

“Oh, I like Steve. And I’ve always been extremely complimentary of the impact he’s had on the industry. … So Steve and I are virtually the same age — he’s a little bit older, he got into it about three years after we had done the original personal computer stuff — and he was my sixteenth customer for the BASIC interpreter.”

“I came out and I actually worked more with Woz — Steve wasn’t a hands-on engineer involved in that thing — because Woz had been trying to do his own BASIC but just couldn’t get it done.”

Much love to MyCats for the tip.