About this "Hang in there" memo

So maybe you’ve heard about this memo to Apple employees that went out under my name a few days ago in which I told everyone to stay cool about the stock slump and “hang in there.” Now look. It’s true we’ve lost a lot of market value. But this totally was not my memo. Katie wrote it. She says it’s important because a lot of you are out there whining about your stock portfolios getting hammered. Well here’s the thing. I am personally down almost $400 million. Do you hear me crying about it? No. You do not. Do you know why? Because I have completely soundproof walls around my office. You can’t hear me crying, or kicking and screaming, or throwing tantrums, or threatening to sue people or fire people. You can’t hear anything. But the truth is, if this thing gets much worse I’m going out looking for people to blame. Heads will roll, ladies and gentlemen. Trust me on that.