Why we’re not scared of Android

Much love to Sunil for referring us to this article about all the problems developers are having trying to create apps for Google’s new non-phone. Loads of bugs, no QA process, no documentation, no way to track issues. Why you’d think Google was run by a bunch of spoiled inexperienced kiddies who’ve never shipped a commercial product and who think the world should just kneel down and thank them for whatever POS they put out into the market.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again — this stuff is hard work, people. You should see the crazy shit that our guys are going through trying to get the iPhone SDK out the door by February. Let me put it this way. Some of the engineers aren’t going to see their kids on Christmas. We’ve put shock collars on them. If they try to get through the invisible fence — boom. Unconscious. You wake up back at your desk.