Scoble having naked conversation. You’re not invited.

Robert Scoble, the author of “Naked Conversations” and a huge proponent of “radical transparency,” apparently doesn’t entirely adhere to those principles. At least not when it comes to applying them to himself. Fine to do it to Microsoft, or, um, your company, but not Scoble’s.

That at least is the takeaway from today’s revelation that Scoble is leaving Podtech and moving to Fast Company. Money quote: “This is another blow for PodTech, which has already lost its founding CEO and is nearly out of money. The company has run through $7.5 million in funding. They are rumored to be closing on another million or so in bridge financing. But they’re very, very close to the deadpool.”

In classic radical opacity mode Scoble says in the comment string that he will indeed be doing something different as of January 15 but he won’t confirm that he’s going to Fast Company. So what is he considering? He’s not ready to say what that is. Shocking! Come on, Robert. Walk the walk, baby. Be transparent. Stand naked before us. Tell us who’s offering what. Show us the term sheets. What’s that? You’re shy all of a sudden?

Funny but in October we reported here that Scoble was on his way out of Podtech. And Scoble issued a blistering indignant denial and ripped on old Fake Steve. You can see his bloviating blather here.

Well, turns out we were right. And Scoble was blowing smoke out of his big fat ass. So much for radical transparency and naked conversations. Geez those seemed like such good ideas, right? Or maybe the concept is evolving into a new theory called “selective transparency.” Maybe someone from Wired will write a book about it. I for one can’t wait.