Now Goatberg is hoaxing too

Gizmodo gets the goods on Goatberg here. In a new video, Walt says the Dell XPS personal computer is slightly ahead of the iMac in terms of its hardware design. Sure, he also says that all in all the iMac is a better computer, since it has a better OS and costs less. Nevertheless, part of Walt’s top-secret access deal with us is that in exchange for getting sneak peeks at our stuff he never says anything is better than an Apple product in any way. Katie is trying to reach Walt now to find out what the fuck he thinks he’s doing. If this keeps up we may have to make him a buy-out offer too. Not that we do that. Because we don’t.

UPDATE: Major relief. We’ve been informed that the person playing “Walt Mossberg” in that video shown on Gizmodo is actually an impersonator called Fake Walt Mossberg. The real Walt Mossberg says he’s never even looked at the Dell XPS computer. Great news for fans of Walt’s All Things D franchise — the site will remain in business. Much love to Apple’s legal team for going the extra mile and doing all the research necessary to find out that this wasn’t an actual Mossberg video. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s stuff like this that makes us different — and, yes, better — than other companies.