Night of the long knives at the Wall Street Journal

I forgot to mention this before but apparently folks in the Valley are buzzing about this article which ran in the New York Times a couple days ago, describing how Murdoch is cleaning house at the Journal and putting all his guys in to run the place. He’s also been throwing money at the hacks he wants to keep from leaving. What everyone out here is wondering is whether Goatberg and his All Things D franchise have remained on Murdoch’s “keeper” list — and, conversely, whether Goatberg wants to stay on board under Murdoch. Unlike almost anyone else in the hack business, Walt is one guy who can write his own ticket and do as he pleases. Guessing how long he’ll stick around at the Journal has become a new parlor game for techies. Anyone have any ideas? Hints? Suggestions?

Kara? Will you let us know?