Much love, Joe Wikert

This guy is a big-time publisher at John Wiley & Sons, and I’m glad to see there’s no hard feelings between his company and Apple. At least there mustn’t be judging by this wonderful review of my book on his blog. Money quote: “The Fake Steve blog is a treat to read but I couldn’t help wonder whether the style and approach would get old in a book length work. Boy, was I wrong. Daniel Lyons is a genius.”

Oh no he didn’t? Oh yes he did. The brother dropped the G bomb. Whew. Makes me feel so self-conscious.

In case you haven’t heard, the book is called “Options,” and it’s available wherever fine literature is sold. Or you can click on the Amazon button in the right sidebar of this blog.

Just FYI, a lot of book publishers are watching this book to see how it does. The big question in publishing circles is this: If you have a high-profile blog with a million or so readers, how many of those blog readers will buy a book by that blogger? One in ten would still mean 100,000 books sold, which would be great.

Bottom line is that if this book takes off, other celebrity CEO bloggers will find it easier to get published. So friends, there’s a lot riding on this. Sure, you’ll love my book and laugh your ass off and maybe even learn a little bit about El Jobso. But that’s not the only reason to buy this book. It’s also about making a statement.

I hate to sound like Sally friggin Struthers but please, for the sake of celebrity CEO bloggers everywhere who aspire to publish novels, buy this book. Heck, buy multiple copies. Show the boring old tight-assed book industry that the blogosphere matters. Show them that blog readers are not just a bunch of freeloading bastards looking for free entertainment. We’re also consumers. We’re readers. We’re people with money. People the book industry should care about. Let them hear our voices, loud and clear. Much love.