More raves for XO machine

Now even PC World is cutting OLPC a new one. Check out this well-reported and blistering article. The rich dude in Mexico who had ordered 250,000 units now has cut his order to 50,000. Others are putting things on hold. Nigeria has turned into a mess. Overall picture taking shape is of a group that’s hopelessly out of touch with the needs of its potential customers and yet, paradoxically, incredibly full of itself and convinced of its own genius and righteousness. (Strange that this should come out of MIT Media Lab, no?) Among the many fuck-ups is this beauty: “For example, despite the fact that Macedonian uses Cyrillic characters, the XO laptops supplied to the classroom used Latin-character keyboards, Nakov said.” Yes, that would tend to hold back adoption, wouldn’t it?

Best of all the story ends with a crack about what a complete fuckwit Negroponte was as chief of the MIT Media Lab, which “foundered in attempts to open satellite labs in India and Ireland early this decade, closing down both after disputes with government officials in those countries.”

Meanwhile Intel is charging ahead with the Classmate PC, taking down orders all over the world.

Nevertheless, freetards are creaming their jeans over their XO machines which they seem to view as one of the greatest accomplishments in world history. Check out this incredibly sappy piece on Groklaw about some poor sad fuck who’s getting all aroused (“Initial start-up — with my heart pounding …”) about his new XO machine, and check out this comment where he likens his XO machine to a woman. “Had to be away from her most of the day 🙁 but now I’m off to play some more!”

Groan. You know what? I actually feel bad for that poor little craptop. I really do. Imagine being shipped halfway across the world and winding up in the home of some hopeless romantic who thinks you’re his mail-order bride. Poor thing probably wishes it got sent to Darfur. Well, at least “her” keyboard is spill-proof.