More Faceberg imitation of me

This just in from the team Moshe has had following Faceberg. Apparently in addition to hiring my speaking coaches and wearing a black fleece jacket as an allusion to my black mock turtleneck, Faceberg now is copying another of my traits and parking in a handicapped spot. Like me, he does this even when there are bunch of open spaces right next to the handicapped spot. Faceberg, this is just sad. First of all it’s sad that you’re driving a Lamborghini. Even Larry doesn’t do that. Seriously. I mean come on. As for the parking in handicapped spaces, look, do you really have to just keep copying my ways to be obnoxious. Can’t you think up a few of your own? You’re a creative guy right? You can come up with your own ideas, can’t you? Oh, sorry. I forgot. Sore spot. Let’s talk about something else.