I’m weighing an offer from Apple

So it’s a complicated situation but I want to keep everyone in the loop. Bottom line is I’ve received an overture from the Mothership with a mention of a Think Secret type settlement if I’ll stop impersonating Dear Leader on the Web. Nothing nailed down at this point but frankly, honestly, I’m tempted to just take it. I’ve had a wonderful time doing this blog and have made some great new friends and I’d miss doing it. Also, in my case there are other parties involved, most notably my sponsor, with whom I have a contract to keep doing the blog. That’s why I say it’s a complicated situation. Discussions will continue and I probably won’t be able to disclose what we’re talking about. Until things get worked out I’ll be posting sporadically at best. To all of you who celebrate Christmas I wish you a happy holiday. To everyone else, enjoy the time off. Spend time with your loved ones. Turn off your computer. Remember what’s important. Little hint: It ain’t this. Peace out to all, and to all a good night.