Fortune, you dumbass motherfuckers

Oh snap! as Herbert Kornfeld might say. Look who got punked in their own list of stupid items. Folks the item above comes from Fortune magazine and it’s part of this year’s 101 Dumbest Moments in Business list. If you can work your way through their crap interface to #51 (it’s shown above, or you can click to it here) you’ll see Fortune taking this lame crack at big bad Apple for being mean to a little girl named Shea O’Gorman who sent us a letter suggesting ways to improve the iPod.

Just one problem with Fortune putting this incident in their list of dumbest things that happened in 2007: This actually happened in April 2006. Don’t believe me? Check out this TV news report about little Shea O’Gorman, dated April 13, 2006. Or this article about it from AppleInsider dated April 14, 2006. Or this one from Engadget, also April 14, 2006. Or this one from Ars Technica. Or this one from MacWorld UK on April 17, 2006.

Nice work, Fortune. Perhaps you have room for one more item on your list? Apple faithful, the Fortune article has a link where you can “Email the editors.” I urge you to use it.

For what it’s worth, I’m sure that little Shea O’Gorman is a nice little kid, albeit in a bratty, know-it-all sort of way. But trust me — her ideas were total shit. Our legal department was right on the money with that letter.