First carrot, now stick

Another update. Now they are really pissed. Just got another PDF letter from the same Rambo attorney (photo above; but I won’t print his name) saying that in response to my last post about doing things transparently he wants to remind me that while this “course of action” is of course mine to take, he feels it is his duty to inform me that Apple’s lawyers have identified at least three posts in my archive that they “deem to be actionable.” He says Apple hopes this can be a “conversation rather than a confrontation” [isn’t Johnnie Cochran dead? ed.] and that before I turn this into a public fight by continuing on my current “course of action” I should perhaps consider the potentially serious consequences to myself and my family of doing so.

This is followed by a recommendation that I retain an attorney to represent me. And then, I swear to friggin God, there’s a list of my assets with an estimated value for each and I suppose the implied threat that I stand to lose them. Which kinda scares the living shit out of me, to be honest, since they’ve got a pretty thorough list, which means they’ve been doing some research on this and the offer didn’t just come out of thin air. Their lists includes my home address, most recent assessed value of my house and all the information about my mortgage; a rental property that we own; my bank accounts and investment accounts, including the college funds for our kids, whose names are used; and our boat and two cars.

Damn. And right at Christmas. I am going to go make myself a drink.