Filthy hacks, I’m warning you: Lay off Zuckerberg

See this is what happens. They build you up, then they tear you down. Now ABC News is taking a cheap shot at Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (see here) because he sued a magazine claiming they invaded his privacy by publishing some embarrassing documents related to a lawsuit. Gist of the story is that who is he to be suing people over his privacy when he runs a company whose business model involves sharing people’s private information, geddit? Like, aren’t these young kids today supposed to be totally transparent? As ABC puts it: “Having private information spread on the Internet, it seems, is no more fun for the creator of the leading social network site than it is for ordinary people who have found that their sensitive photos or documents have spun out of their control.”

O Zuckerberg, you harvester of souls, I feel for you. Almost. At the same time, in honor of the fact that Facebook has done a deal with Microsoft and begun the process of being assimilated, we’ve decided to create a new nickname for Mark — instead of Faceberg, he’ll be ZuckerBorg. And we’ve created a new image of him to go with the name. Nice, right?