Fake Apple fanboy takes sly shot at Apple

Much love to faithful reader J.D. for steering us to this lame article on CNET. Some guy writing under the pen name “Bullwinkle” (yeah, I know, as if) says he’s a huge Apple fanboy but he’s just now realized that if he could just give up the beauty of Apple products and use more frigtarded alternatives, then “I could buy and own songs and videos that I could use on any player … not just an iPod.” Yup. That’s true. You could. Well, good luck with that. Sandisk has some really nice players. Folks this is the oldest Microsoft trick in the world — pretend to be a true believer in Apple whose faith has been shaken by Apple’s nefarious policies. Dear Mr. Bullwinkle, or whatever your real name is, all of us at Apple wish you a wonderful Solstice Holiday full of joy and good cheer. Now get the fuck out! You hear me? Now! Leave! And don’t let the door hit you on the ass!

Oh, and one more thing: Siooma, fake Apple fanboy.