EFF lawyers preparing for more victories

Great news, scumbag bloggers. Following their decisive Think Secret victory over Apple, the EFF legal staff (photo) is already working on a worldwide program aimed at helping other bloggers obtain similar cash-for-silence settlements. “Operation Freedom,” as they’re calling it, will extend far beyond Apple. Mini-Microsoft? For a hundred grand he goes dark. Scoble? Surely someone would pay him to never write another word about anything. Daily Kos? Already for sale; you just need to outbid the Democrats. Valleywag? Take up a collection in the Valley and they’re gone. All those bloggers in Pakistan, and Iran, and North Korea, and China? You’ve built valuable assets, and now, thanks to some powerless government agencies who will be willing to suffer humiliating losses at the hands of your EFF-appointed legal team, you’ll have a way to monetize those assets and retire in comfort. It’s a win-win all around.