Ease up, PETAtards

True story. Animal rights activists in Australia are freaking out about an iPod speaker system that has a tiny fish tank attached to its top. See here. The system is called iPond and we think it’s a perfectly safe product that adds a sense of childlike wonder to any home. Not so, say the animal lovers, who claim the tank is too small and the fish can’t get enough oxygen. They also claim there’s too much noise in the tank and the loud music will disturb the poor fish’s tiny ears. Little news for you, you big animal “experts” — fish don’t have ears. So much for that theory. Plus the fish they’re using in these tanks aren’t little guppies. They’re Siamese fighting fish — sort of the fish equivalent of a pit bull. Yes they’re tiny, but on a per-pound basis these are some of the meanest, toughest fish on the planet. Way more vicious than piranha. Check out the bad-ass little dude in the photo above, rocking out to some Slayer in his pimped-out iPond. Does he look unhappy? I don’t think so. FWIW, check out the fangs on that little motherfucker. He’d rip your face off if he got a chance. Do I worry about exposing these vicious heavy-metal-loving fish to some high-quality rock from the finest portable music player on the planet? No I do not. Peace out. Rock on. Stop the war. (Much love to Tony in Sydney for the tip.)