Don’t tell anyone, but you can make ringtones for free

Using GarageBand. See here. Frankly I have no idea if this is actually true and I really don’t care. To tell you the absolute truth I’ve never even used GarageBand and I’m pretty sure I’ve never even talked to the team of nerds who write this program. As for the ringtones, Ja’Red does all of my ringtones for me and he probably knows about this but he’s out right now taking his assistant Maysie to the veterinarian because her cat has some kind of kidney problem and her license is expired and her boyfriend sprained his ankle this weekend so she needed Ja’Red to drive her. Or something like that. Anyway. Much love, Mac Rumors, for spreading the word on this new hidden feature in GarageBand which may or may not actually even be there. And namaste to Karl for sending me the link. Love you, bro.