The cough syrup has worn off and I’m back to hating Scoble again

Deepest apologies to everyone for yesterday’s codeine-induced rant where I declared my love for Robert “King of the Blogosphere” Scoble. My doctor says this sometimes happens when you combine cough syrup and Thai stick with Ambien. Like that Kennedy dude in Congress who was found in his car halfway up the steps of the capitol in the middle of the night. Or was it Larry Craig sleepwalking in an airport men’s room? Anyway, the good news is, my cold is going away, so no more cough syrup at this time. And I’m back to hating Scoble. For real, people. I mean I really, really hate the guy. A lot. So Robert, please stop calling me every thirty minutes, bokay? Ditto for the barrage of email. Even if it’s just “outercourse,” as you put it, I’m not going there.

To the rest of you, please let’s have no jokes about “in vino veritas.” Because first of all I don’t speak Portuguese and second of all I wasn’t drinking. Let’s just all let this go and move on. Thank you. That is all. Peace out.