Comment of the week: Turns out I’m a total "moran"

Every once in a while the flame bait tactic just scores a comment so beautiful, so perfect, so thrilling, that it’s worth reprinting. Below is a comment that arrived in response to this item where I mentioned one of my personal heroes, Martin Luther King Jr. Of course it may be that the comment is itself a prank, in which case I’ve been punked. If so, prankster, I honor the place where your comments and my flame bait become one. If not, commentard, then I will pray for your soul. Here goes:

umm, i’m ashamed that the ceo of a company as large as apple doesn’t know that martin luther king never said anything like that. are you for real?
you have to be a total moran!
martin luther king practiced nonviolence. “by any means necesary” implies that it could include violence.
so i don’t think he would have said that.
i thought you had to be smart to run a large company but i guess you just have to be rich.