Chris Anderson of Wired hit with giant iPhone bill

The Financial Times has a story about it here. The super tech savvy dude who created the bogus “long tail” theory got zapped for two grand while on a trip to China. Money quote: “He said the bulk of the charges were due to the fact that his iPhone was set to check his e-mail account for new messages every 10 minutes.” Imagine our glee at the idea of this guy, who takes himself a wee bit seriously, shall we say, having to admit that he doesn’t know how to keep track of the settings on his iPhone. Best part is that he keeps calling Apple and trying to get through to me personally, figuring that because he’s Chris friggin Anderson of Wired magazine and he wears black turtlenecks that he’s somehow one of my peers and so naturally El Jobso will take his calls and straighten everything out for him. Have I mentioned that he takes himself a wee bit seriously? Yeah. So we’ve been making a game of it by telling him to hold on and Mr. Jobs will be right on the line. Then we see how long he’ll sit there on hold before he hangs up. Record so far is twenty-three minutes. We also tape him talking to himself while he’s waiting. Funny thing is he goes on and on, giving these amazing lectures about absolute bullshit as if he’s speaking to an audience. Guy just loves to hear himself talk. Anyway. Keep dialing, Camel-toe. We’re not going to help you, but we love the entertainment.

Much love to dear reader Pravin for letting us know about this one.