Al Gore meets Klingon ambassador

Well it was a momentous occasion as Al was lauded by the United Federation of Planets for his work to save planet Earth. He’s shown here with the Klingon ambassador, Lord Koloth. (The V-shaped green emblem is the mark of his rank.) They’re both holding menus from the dinner. Later Al was beamed aboard the Klingon mothership for a tour. He says it was absolutely fantastic, and he swears there were no rectal probes. “Well,” I said, “none that you remember. They give you drugs that erase your memory. Ask Woz. They did it to him back in the Eighties, only they overdid the memory drugs and now he can’t remember anything. He goes around telling people he invented the friggin personal computer. Anyway it was the same ploy. They gave him some big award for tech innnovation, and took him up to the mothership. Honestly, I can’t believe you fell for it. It’s like the oldest alien trick there is.”

So Al gets all freaked out and wants to see a doctor. I told him not to bother since our primitive technology won’t be able to detect anything. “They probably put a chip in you too, but you’ll never find that either,” I said. That put him in a panic. Dumbass. (Much love to Robert for the photo.)