Zander gets the RAZR

See here. Wildly overrated CEO Ed Zander has been booted out of Motorola after running the place into the ground. Fast Eddie previously helped set up the collapse of Sun Microsystems and bailed before the fecal matter hit the spinning blades, saying he wanted to run his own show. Well, he got what he wished for but this was a bit like the dog who chases cars and finally catches one. I hate to gloat but we called this ouster last March in a story called “ZANDR is a GONR.” (See here.) The real silver bullet came in April when Carl Icahn started cranking up the pressure and the Wall Street Journal, purely coincidentally, ran a Page One hatchet job on Eddie and quoted him saying “I love my job, I hate my customers.” Icahn waited a few days and then ran a huge full-page ad lambasting Ed and pretending it was a response to the article that he’d just planted in the Journal. (See here.)

Friends, I’d like to tell you something about Ed Zander. I’d like to tell you that Ed Zander is a prince among men, a true hero, a great guy. I’d like to tell you that, but it’s not true. He’s a dick. And he screwed the pooch at Motorola and totally let his competition eat his lunch. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll leave with a lot of coin in his pocket, and he’ll no doubt end up running some other company, probably out here in the Valley. You mark my words. Guys like this can just keep fucking up and moving on forever.