We are not censoring people; we are guiding people toward the truth

I’m so sick of reading articles like this one claiming that Leopard is having all sorts of problems — not true — and worse, that Apple is erasing message board threads that contain complaints.

Money quote: “There are a variety of other reports, including a Mac Pro becoming completely inoperative after a Leopard upgrade. One user asked, Is it me, or is Leopard just a mess? Apple locked the topic, preventing replies. Another user echoed my sentiments at the start of this article by asking Is ANY part of Leopard ready for release? Worst product from Apple so far. Here’s a shock, the entire thread was censored.”

So here’s the truth. This stuff is just not true. I mean, yes, we’ve erased some posts that contained false or potentially libelous statements. That wasn’t for our sake, but for the sake of the frigtards who posted them. It’s not helping anyone to just let Borg-funded trolls spew hateful false information on message boards.

Now, please, everyone, take out your photo of me and gaze into my eyes and repeat this phrase: Leopard is good, Leopard is great; Leopard is good, Leopard is great. Feel better now? Me too.