Scoble goes berserk, blames Apple for his failures

I’m speechless. Scoble has gone all rogue and bad-ass and is ranting about our machines because he’s had a few little problems. See here. Apparently he’s had a few minor issues after installing an upgrade. No doubt the problems are caused by user error, meaning he probably loaded some crapware on these machines that caused them to malfunction. Naturally, however, he blames this all on us and says that his machine has blacked out on him. All I can say is that this isn’t happening to anyone else on the entire planet, just Scoble, so we’re not really quite sure what to make of it.

But we are enjoying it when he gets all gangsta and writes stuff like this: “Screw you Apple and your ads saying you’re better than Microsoft. Screw you. Screw you. Screw you.”

And, because Robert can’t ever write anything without letting you know HOW VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT HE IS, we get the following: “What’s ironic is lots of other computer companies would LOVE to give me free stuff (I don’t take it) but Apple is the only company that’s never raised a PR finger to help me.”

Little tip, Robert. Start taking the free stuff from the other companies. Really. We mean it. Also, please note that you will never, ever, ever be invited to an Apple event ever again. And those MacBooks of yours? Paperweights. You have my word on that. Siooma, RoSco. (Photo: Burt Hammer, Urban Beat.)