Scoble applying for CEO job at Motorola

Just heard this one from Larry who heard it from Scott who heard it from Ed Zander who heard it from HR at Motorola. Only minutes after the news about Zander getting booted hit the wire, Scoble was on the phone to the director of HR at Motorola saying that he once met Carl Icahn at a conference and they really hit it off and he would love the opportunity to just come in and talk sometime and he had a bunch of really good ideas about the future of the smart phone. Also some great ideas about how to turn an old company like Motorola into a hip new Web 2.0 startup type environment that isn’t afraid of disruption because it has become the disruption. First rule — casual Friday becomes casual every day. And free snacks and drinks in every building, never more than 100 meters from any individual employee, just like at Google.

Well, the HR dude was very polite and told Scoble that they’d already put Greg Brown in the CEO’s job. Scoble said that’s fine, Greg sounds like a great guy, and Scoble could imagine maybe a co-CEO position or maybe he could step in as president and COO under Greg to learn the ropes a bit before stepping up.

At this point the HR dude hung up.