Report: Scoble pissed because he didn’t get a Google Phone

Poor Scoble. Apparently he’s been frantically calling Google and leaving angry messages in the PR department voice mailboxes sounding all pissed off because he wasn’t invited to the VaporPhone ™ announcement yesterdy and demanding that they send him a Google Phone right fucking now because he’s very important and influential and if he uses one then the whole world (ie his readership) will want one too and it’s really Google’s best interests to keep Robert happy and he’s totally going to videoblog or podcast about it and he’s having lunch today with someone who’s very important at one of the major networks and if he had a Google Phone he could show it to them and then who knows how the thing could take off?

Apparently nobody at Google wants to tell Robert that there aren’t any actual phones yet. And they love winding the guy up and driving him nuts. So they called him back and told him there are only a very small number available and that unfortunately Robert isn’t on the A list but that maybe he could borrow the one that Michael Arrington got. Or Om Malik’s. Scoble was screaming as they hung up.