OLPC taking orders & screwing up

Honestly, when I read stories like this one it makes me want to scream. Not only can these OLPC bozos not finish their machine, now they can’t figure out how to take orders for it either. Read the comments from people who’ve had to deal with these ass-clowns. We would never stand for this kind of retail incompetence at Apple. Never. In fact just this week we’ve been giving pep talks to our retail geniuses and reminding them that shopping at an Apple store is not just shopping — it’s a tranformational experience. I know, it sounds like bullshit. But Ron Johnson (aka world’s sexiest man) swears by this crap. Says it worked wonders at Target.

Just FYI, many of you have asked if Dear Leader has actually seen one of these XO machines. The fact is I have. Of course. They sent me one to check out. I’ve held it in my hands and carried it around the hallways at Apple. My verdict: It’s a piece of shit.