Oh snap

A judge just tossed out a ridiculous shareholder lawsuit against us involving the backdated options thing. See here. Money quote from da judge: “Without a discernable drop in the stock price there is no basis upon which to establish an injury to shareholders.” Yeah. It’s like that y’all. I just called the people at the New York City Employees’ Retirement System, which was the lead plaintiff in the case, and told them that even though they had tried to cash in on a bogus claim and that, ironically, if they’d succeeded and won a settlement they would have been hurting Apple and sucking money out of the pockets of shareholders, that nevertheless I hoped we could move on in peace and harmony with one another, and that I hold no hard feelings against them. Then I told them I wanted to sign off with a Buddhist blessing, and said, “Siooma.” They actually thanked me. What idiots. I love it.