Much love and namaste to everyone

I hate to break character but every once in a while I have no choice. I’m doing it today so that I can do something totally un-Jobsian and offer a profound heartfelt thanks to the fantastic people who have made the past few weeks so amazing. Back here in the Fake Jobs Pod I’m still reeling from having so much fun in such a short period of time. At the risk of sounding like someone’s yearbook page, here goes. Thanks to Steve and Ann in Toronto for the great party at the Madison Avenue Pub. Thanks to Kim R. and the rest of the people at Microsoft who opened their hearts to the frenemy. Thanks to Chris D. at Google in Santa Monica and Todd at Rand Corp. in Los Angeles for setting up events. Thanks to Greg and all the others from Coghead for great party after Kepler’s in Menlo Park. (I’m wearing my Coghead T-shirt as I write this.) Thanks to Larry from BitMover for the SIOOMA license plate which will go on the Jobs Mobile as soon as possible. Thanks to my girl K-Squared and the other unnamed players for the blast at Tommy’s in San Francisco. Thanks to Brinke, Mary and Stan for coming to the event in Berkeley. Thanks to Tyler and Lisa at Google in Mountain View, and to Meng for posing for a photo with me. Thanks to Mario Sundar and everyone else at LinkedIn, plus Guy Kawasaki and Brad Stone for the amazing event last week at the Computer History Museum. Thanks to Megan of Valleywag for not being mean. Thanks to Owen, Paul and Brian Lam for a fine dinner in North Beach. Thanks to Brooke & Forbes for the party at Frisson. Thanks to Valleywaggers for the party report. Thanks to Richard for a fine day in Los Angeles.

As you can see, it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks. And the highlight, I must admit, has been the chance to meet three of my blog crushes in the course of just a few days. Bike Helmet Girl and Veronica Belmont showed up at the same reading in San Francisco last week, which nearly stopped my heart. Then iJustine showed up at an event in Mountain View. Too much. Finally, much love to dear friend Otis van Adderly, who realigned my chakras. Victuri te salutamus, as they used to say in ancient Sparta. Namaste to all. I honor the place where your spirit and mine become one.