Menlo Park was off the friggin hook

They’re calling it WozStock and writing it up in the history books. You just had to be there. Police estimate the crowd was about fifty thousand people, with loads of peyote and mushrooms and four-way blotter and yet not a single arrest. Zero. Total peace and harmony. But the crowds! I mean El Camino Real was closed, man! And yet everyone had plenty to eat, since someone brought three sticks of French bread and two fishes and I managed to turn it into enough food for everyone. Three kids were born and a half dozen marriages performed. In the photo above that’s TJ Bunnell, our head of advertising, marrying the powerfully hypnotic Amber McCauley of PR and her boyfriend Otis Van Adderly who works in shipping. Incredible. Thirty years after we launched, this company just continues to amaze me with its outpouring of love and affection and the real desire of its employees to make the world a better place. I love you all. Not as much as I love myself, but almost. I mean really, really close. Namaste.

Also: For those of you who don’t have the good fortune to live here in the Valley and attend off-the-hook events like this, there’s video from the event flying around on the Internet. Talk about must-see TV. Enjoy.