Picasso, my spiritual father

Great article in today’s New York Times about a new book on Picasso. See here. Headline: “More on the Career of the Genius Who Boldly Compared Himself to God.” (Larry sent me a link to this article and said when he read the headline he thought it was a story about me. What a dick.)

Picasso is described as “an artist so prodigally talented, so daring and so virtuosic that he could reinvent the universe. He was a Nietzschean shaman who regarded art as a mysterious, magical force, offering the possibility of exorcism and transfiguration; a chameleon who effortlessly moved back and forth between Cubism and classicism, irony and sentimentality, cruelty and tenderness; a wily, self-mythologizing sorcerer who inhaled history, ideas and a cornucopia of styles with fierce, promiscuous abandon — all toward the end of exploding conventional ways of looking at the world and remaking that world anew.”

And also: “… a mass of contradictions, a savage artist, who was often horribly cruel to his friends like Cocteau but who also ‘had a very loyal, if sometimes paradoxical heart.'”

Yeah. I’m sure you get it. No kicker needed.